Intake tube for open duct tu use on a schuebeler 120 mm DS86 HDS Fan, or jetfan 120 mm & Vasa Fan

Intake tube for open duct tu use on a schuebeler 120 mm DS86 HDS Fan, or jetfan 120 mm & Vasa Fan

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Inlet funnel for Open Duct, fits Schuebeler DS86 AXI HDS, Jetfan 120 and also for 120 mm Vasa Fan


The Inlet funnel is hand laminated fiberglass (GFK) and in color white,silver,or black. To fix the Inlet funnel to the respective Fan is simple, using tape / Tesa, or similar material. The funnel (VDI standard) enables toward a vertebrate and gap-free air flow to the fan and ensures a significantly better efficiency of the complete EDF unit in "Open Duct" applications. The funnel fits perfectly in the following Jetmodels like the BH Eurofighter, the Avanti XS  of Seba and many other models in the 120 mm EDF class. Upon delivery, the diameter is max. 170 mm, the diameter can without interfering with the operation of up to about 150-160 mm by simply cutting to the Installation situation in your model.


Important: If you are using the funnel necessarily the throttle trim on the RC transmitter adjust so that the fan continues to run when the throttle stick is in the idle position. The speed should be selected so that the engine is running safely in the lowest possible speed. Such a backflow of air in front of the fan and an increase of air resistance in the idling is largely minimized. Next, we always recommend to ensure at "Open Duct" that air that flows into the fuselage and is not sucked from the fan (depending on speed different) can escape through a corresponding opening again on the rear fuselage, also reduces the resistance and increases the overall efficiency of the EDF.


Material: Glass fiber reinforced epoxi

Diameter: max. 170 mm

Diameter: min. 150-160 mm

Length: 95 mm

Weight: approx 28g







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