F-20 Tigershark, GFK/CFK Sandwich kit in white color


F-20 Tigershark, GFK/CFK Sandwich kit in white color

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F-20 Tigershark semiscale Jet model for EDF or turbine, kit color is white.


After four years of intensive testing phase and simultaneous search for a reputable fiberglass producer who can deliver the expected quality from us , we have begun production of our F-20 Tigershark , they will be produced in Germany. The F-20 is designed for Schübeler DS -94 DIA HST 128 mm Fan , or for use turbines up to a maximum thrust of 10 kg. The F-20 is produced in full fiber sandwich construction with carbon fiber reinforcements at critical wear points to achieve maximum strength and minimal weight.

Elevator and wings are also made in sandwich construction , Airex material is also used and reinforced in high-stress areas with carbon fiber.The kit includes all the necessary frames for the Fan / turbine and retract mounting and linkage levers made from high-strength aircraft aluminum for the pendulum elevator , a transparent canopy with fiberglass frame, servo cover and geardoors. All frames and retract mounts are already finished installed, but not the one for the Nosegear,that you have to make yourself.

The intakes can be used for both drive versions and are in the kit as well. The air supply for the engine is always executed as so-called "open system" (Open Duct ) , while the inflow from the front air is supplied specifically for the fan or turbine ,  but end at a certain distance in front of the fan. A so-called inlet ring is mounted on the fan even ensures that the then newly inducted air can be sucked out of the Vollumen of the fuselage , without significant turbulence from the Fan. The advantage of this technique is a significantly higher static thrust and a very simple and easy to maintain assembly of the engine unit.


All the fiber parts are detailed with panel lines, rivets and service doors and stained in the basic white. On request, we can also offe a professional construction service, from build up to paint and finish the model. For more informations please write us an email.

Here is a preview key information and some pictures for F-20 Tigershark.


Technical data:

Length: 2160 mm

Wingspan: 1270 mm

Empty weight: 3100 grams with all small parts and frames

Flying weight : about 9,000 to 11,500 grams

Turbine: max. 10 kg thrust

EDF System: Schübeler DS -94 DIA HST / 128 Engine: DSM6740-650

Battery: 14 S Lipo 6100-8000mAh

Thrust: 9,500 to 11,000 grams

Current: 150A max.

Power E - version. : About 6.7 to 8.0 KW

Scale: 1: 6.7

Introductory price: € 1,649


Scope of delivery:

The kit (fiber parts with accessories) as seen in the pictures in color white


IMG_0171F-20 IMG_0170F-20

IMG_0175F-20 IMG_0178F-20


IMG_0189F-20 IMG_0181F-20

IMG_0190F-20 IMG_0193F-20


IMG_0199F-20 IMG_0205F-20

IMG_0208F-20 IMG_0210F-20





IMG_01931F-20 IMG_0196F-20




IMG_0299F-20 IMG_0296F-20



IMG_0284F20 IMG_0287F-20



Optional Cockpit as a Kit and ready to use. Here are the first images that have reached us a few days ago by the manufacturer.



More information to follow.

Currently, parallel to manufacturing a quick guide to build our F-20 with many detail shots is created. As some models are already pre-ordered the delivery time is currently 5-6 weeks. All orders are chronologically processed upon receipt of order.


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